Train Horn & Air Suspension Catalog

The largest selection of train horns kits and automotive accessories at your fingertips! We have everything from the loudest train horns you've ever heard, to portable air compressors and lambo doors. Look around and you're bound to find something that pleases you.

Complete Kits

Keep it simple with our premium line of train horn kits. These kits have everything you need right in the box.
Train Horn Kits & Air Horn Kits
Everything you need to install train horns on your car or truck! These kits are designed to install on stock or modified vehicles. They've been tried and tested on countless cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and even boats. If you're looking for the loudest train horn all in one solutions you've come to the right place!
Car Horns & Public Address
A large selection of car horns and public address systems. From the dukes of hazzard and compact air horns to 100 watt police grade public address systems, we have it all!
Complete Onboard Air Systems
Looking for everything you need all in one place? Or maybe you're tight on space or looking for a bargin? Our onboard air systems come with everything you need to install a reliable 12 volt air source!
HornBlasters Gear
Strut in style wearing apparel!


Wanting to build something custom? We carry an enormous selection of air horn and suspension parts for you to choose from!
Air Bags
The highest quality from the best manufacturers like Firestone, Slam Specialties, and AirLift..
Air Compressors
Compressors for mobile air applications. We have an extensive selection of 12-volt compressors that can fit in just about any vehicle.
Air Management & Accessories
Air management equipment and accessories to insure ease of use and high performance for years to come.
Air Tanks
Air tanks for your air management setup.
Air Valves & Kits
We stock a large selection of electric and manual air valves in a full range of sizes.
Automotive Accessories
Looking for a little extra fun? Check out or Automotive Accessories to complete your vehicle.
Fittings & Air Line
Air line and tank fittings to complete your kit.
Marine Air Horns
An extensive collection of the highest quality marine air horns for all your maritime needs!
Pressure Switches
Pressure switches are a key part of any air system and automatate your compressor cycles.
Replacement Parts
Have a damaged horn or compressor? Here are the parts to repair them!
Train Horns & Air Horns
A wide selection of extremely loud horns suited for many applications. Our locomotive train horns being the most popular. These horns are a perfect add on to your air system.
Clearance Items
Clearance items. Discontinued, refurbished, open box, and used items.